Holy Week and Easter at the Cathedral


The movement from the Crucifixion to the Resurrection – that movement that is central to the Christian message of Jesus Christ – comes to the fore in the celebration of Holy Week and Easter.  It is during this one week of the church year that the essence of the Christian faith is both understood and realized; here we experience the darkest and the brightest moments of our world and our human existence.  This one week in the church calendar assists us in making the connection between the pain that is inevitably a part of the human condition and the truth that enables us to witness to the presence and faithfulness of God.  Christians have and continue to experience this through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Please join us at the Cathedral for any or all of our Holy Week observances and Easter celebrations.


Holy Week and Easter Service Schedule


• Monday, APR 14  7:00 pm - Holy Eucharist


• Tuesday, APR 15  7:00 pm - Holy Eucharist


• Wednesday, APR 16

7:00 am - Holy Eucharist

7:00 pm - Stations of the Cross

• Thursday, APR 17   7:00 pm - Maundy Thursday

Foot Washing,
Celebration of the Last Supper and
Stripping of the Sanctuary,
followed by an All Night Vigil

• Friday, APR 18  10:00 am - Good Friday


• Saturday, APR 19  7:00 pm - Holy Saturday

Great Vigil of Easter
(Bring bells to ring during the
singing of the Gloria.)

• Sunday, APR 20  8:00 am and 10:00 am - Easter Day

Celebration of the Resurrection
(Bring bells to the 10:00 am service

to ring during the singing of the Gloria.)

Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
follows the 10:00 am service